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Barcorp® Farina Custom CNC High Production Press Brakes

Advanced electronic and servo-assisted oil-pressure technology
enable the PS series synchro press brakes to ensure high bending performances, noiselessness and outstanding flexibility in compliance with safety standards.

Capacity from 30 tons x 4 foot to 2000 tons x 30 foot

Standard Equipment

  • Ram with double guide.
  • Tooling comprising punch and die.
  • Wedge-shaped camber table with manual adjustment.
  • Control pedal with built-in two handed push-button strip.
  • Laser beam safety curtain.


  • CNC numerical or multi-axis graphic controls.
  • 1-6 axes back gauge.
  • Automatic hydraulic camber tables.
  • Hydraulic crowning
  • Material support arms
  • Material follower arms
  • Automated material feeding
  • Tool automation systems

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